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Asbestos is one of the most hazardous materials used in construction. It will be found on floor and ceiling tiles, in materials used for insulation and on spray-on plaster that goes into acoustics and other decorative items. The fibers that make up asbestos are minute. When breathed in, they go deep into the lungs where they can bring on mesothelioma as well as other types of cancer. Asbestos removal costs are high but the damage it can cause if not removed are even higher.

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Asbestos Survey or Removal

The cost of asbestos removal incorporate related costs like carrying out an asbestos survey, having it tested, actual removing procedure and asbestos disposal. If left intact, asbestos are not harmful. It is when the microscopic fiber get into the air that they cause damage. This makes it necessary to bring in experts to handle elimination despite the expense.

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Possible Restrictions

Even if it is only being done over a small area, removal can cost up to £300 for example around a water pipe. Some companies have a minimum rate of £2,500. Broadly speaking though, the average cost is £2,000 to £4,000 in a 2,000 square foot home as the asbestos can be compressed and kept in check in some areas rather than be removed from every part of the house.

It is recommended than a separate assessor come in before actual removal is done. They will give you a true picture of the quantity of asbestos in the home so you can get a quotation based on this. Inspection should also be done after the substance is removed to make certain it has been completely removed or well contained.

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